Technology Challenges Facing Every Nonprofit

The Virtuous Team is uniquely situated at the intersection of fundraising and technology. Virtuous is full of developers, technology experts and a crew of former fundraisers and employees who have worked in the nonprofit industry for decades.

From this vantage point, The Virtuous Team has identified four key technology pain points that affect almost all nonprofits. These challenges can make the day-to-day operations feel insurmountable, bothersome and flat-out annoying. Unfortunately, because these challenges are so often the status quo, it may be difficult to recognize these them and how critical it is to addressed them quickly.

The Details

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at some of the key technology pain points, how you can recognize the symptoms of them within your own organization, and how you can begin to address them so you can get back to what you do best: advancing your mission.

When: Thursday, October 11th at 3pm Eastern
Where: Your favorite web browser

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