Amplify Your Impact: How to Transform Volunteers into Ambassadors

Presented by MobileServe and Virtuous, learn how to tell the stories that inspire loyalty and advocacy.

Today’s volunteers expect a superior communications from the nonprofits they believe in. They want more sophisticated stories and a variety of content to share to their social networks. To meet their needs, nonprofits need to shift their perspective on volunteerism. 

We partnered with MobileServe to show how technology can be used to connect people, create seamless experiences and transform volunteers into ambassadors. We discuss how to leverage intentional designs and personal experiences to create advocates for your cause. 

You will leave this webinar inspired and ready to expand the reach of your nonprofit through your most important audience: your volunteers. Understand: 

  • How to use the right technology to tell stories volunteers want to share 
  • How to design an experience that fits into a volunteers lifestyle and engages them in your cause
  • How to remove barriers that prevent you from connecting with volunteers and their networks 

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About MobileServe

MobileServe believes that when volunteers share their experiences, the desire to make a difference spreads to those around them. So MobileServe exists to help volunteers and organizations share stories that are authentic and accessible, and to connect people with organizations, causes, and each other, so that single acts of service can inspire an entire culture of doing more good.

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