Insight-Driven Engagement Strategies To Build Stronger Donor Relationships

Today, your donors live in a world of personalized experiences. These daily experiences span fashion, fitness, entertainment, and shopping to news, travel, finance, and business. 

Brands across industries are using personalization strategies to create better customer experiences and build loyalty. Yet, most nonprofits are still using fundraising tools and tactics that blast impersonal, mass messaging to 95% of donors and reserve personalized engagement for top givers. Why?

In this webinar, Noah Barnett, Virtuous’ Director of Research & Insights, will address this growing disconnect between donor expectations and nonprofit actions and show you exact strategies your nonprofit can leverage to personalize your donor engagement.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How donor preferences are shifting and what this means for your nonprofit.
  • How to identify key opportunities to tap into personalization in your donors’ journey.
  • Four insight-driven engagement strategies you can use immediately to build more personalized relationships with your donors.

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